Monday, August 01, 2005
Nothing to report

Sadly, I have nothing much to report. Well sad for the blog but not necessarily sad for my mental state.

I did however get the chance to visit Hilltop Yarn with Meg and somehow I convinced myself to buy another pattern book and more yarn!

Katie had shared this lovely book with me at the Stitch and Pitch and I knew I had to have it! I also spotted some cotton cashmere yarn and grab a few skeins in Aqua. I'm going to make the cutest sweater ever from it and if I'm able, I'll give it to some lucky child. I fear though that I may not be able to part with it. I'm already petting the swatch and refusing to let that go!

The rest of the weekend was spent working at the Chateau, knitting, running and swimming. I was bad though and skipped my 20 mile bike ride. I need to go birthday present shopping though! It's not a great excuse but it is all that I have.

So I guess I did have something to say, hmmmmm...
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