Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I once had a cat named Katrina. She was born to the cat of a family friend and at the age of four, I was allowed to select which one of the kitties would become my kitty. I choose her because she was the loudest kitten. Of course, shortly after this she quieted down and never made that much noise again!

She was a beautiful calico and I was crushed when she died. She was the kind of cat who would knead your back before promptly falling asleep in the small of your back. She would push at me if I was sleeping on my back until I rolled over so she could catch a snooze on me.

She was also full of mystery. She went places in our greenbelt that I've never been to, explored areas and made friends where I never knew one could. At times, my Mom and I have wondered if her spirit still lives in the house.

And so it is fitting that one of the worst Hurricanes in American history was named, Katrina and that she has wrecked havoc on one of our most mysterious cities, New Orleans along with other places along the Southern Coast. Today is the day to pray for those who have suffered so much and if you are able to donate some funds to the relief effort.
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