Sunday, September 11, 2005
Fall Running and Knitting

Fall is in the air and dreams of running (and knitting) are alive within me. On Saturday, Julie and I met up for our weekly long run. We were scheduled for 6 miles but only accomplished 5 miles (which turned out to be a good thing).

The rain was lightly coming down as we started our run out along Lake Washington Blvd. We remarked about how the Fall weather was showing its true form and that we would need to get used to running in the rain again. Julie warmed up and began running ahead of me, forming our usual running pattern. Julie runs faster than me and so I use this fact to keep my speed up. If I lose sight of Julie, it means I need to amp up the speed.

We reached our turn around point -- the cafe where all th e bike racers meet on Saturday before and after their rides -- and began the run back to our warm, dry cars. Julie and Zubin were ahead of me and I noticed that they didn't slow on the hill. My leg was paining me (after an all night cramp session!) but I kept the pace up for as long as I could. About 2/3 of the way up the hill, I had to walk. Around that point, the heavens decided to really open up and let it all out.

The rain got me running again. It didn't matter which way I turned my head, the rain was pelting me. I ran past the house with the security alarm going off and through the Seattle Tennis Club, down the road where Zubin's poop bag had been left (yes, I grabbed it on the way back for disposal) and met Julie under the eve at the Bank.

My pants were so soaked by then, I was clutching at the waistband for fear of them falling down, causing me to moon the fine citizens of Seattle. Julie and I laughed and said we didn't even end up this wet in the shower. After grabbing towels from our cars and patting down, we headed home with a sense of accomplishment -- 5 miles DONE in the rain.

As for the knitting, there is a near complete WIP on the way here. I just have one part with lots of questions, but I know the Ferals will straighten me out tomorrow night.
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