Monday, September 26, 2005
Weekend Tri-ing

Saturday morning awoke with an 8-mile run (ended up quite sweaty!), signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon (only way I’m going to actually do a race this year!) and headed down to Black Diamond to see LeAnne of Curious George Knits competing in the Pacific Crest Half Ironman. After getting lost in Black Diamond (I know how is THAT possible), I found parking and hiked into the park.

As I arrived, I consulted with a volunteer about how the bikes were lined up in the transition area. I had arrived in the middle of the bike portion and I wanted to know if I had missed LeAnne. He didn’t have a way of telling whose bike was where so I decided to peek into the area and see if I could find her bike. As I was starting to spy, LeAnne came bursting into the area and I screamed her name quite loudly. She turned and smiled and got down to business. She flew out and onto the run course. I told the volunteer that I had found LeAnne and he spotted her running out. His comment, “Wow! Look at those muscles! That is one strong lady!” I agreed and said she was SUPER!

So I felt good, I had seen LeAnne but now the waiting began. I was smart though and brought my knitting to keep me company. I knew LeAnne had 13.1 miles to run and even though she’s fast, it still meant at least a two hour wait.

I used the time to knit, scout out the vendor tents and explore the swim area. I learned though eavesdropping, that participants had to swim this course TWICE! It looked quite long if you only had to swim it ONCE!

Look way in the back there at that small orange speck, that is where they curved around the course to the start.

And eventually my wait was rewarded. LeAnne came bursting out of the trees (and I apologize for the bad photos here but I was EXCITED!)

LeAnne’s daughter was also excited and ran with her to the sweet, sweet finish.

I cheered at the finish and though LeAnne said she was tired, she looked strong! It was fantastic finally getting the chance to meet in person and LeAnne, you were AWESOME!

After a winding drive home down the country roads and back to the city, I headed over to Octoberfest with Julie and Eric. We met up with some other friends and tasted some heavenly delights. Oh I love the beer. Pure delight.

Sunday was my last concert at the Chateau. Robert Plant was the performer and his manager warned us that his fans are fanatics! I was placed at the center of the stage (my usual position) and for a majority of the concert, people were cool. As the songs got louder, the crowd began pushing. I began to worry about being crushed and had to get up on the stage for the last song. Other security guards were trying to stop the shoving but self-preservation kicked in and I knew sitting on the stage in front of Robert Plant was my best bet. I’m sure he loved sharing the stage with me!

So today, my back is a bit sore and my arms are tired but it was a lively way to end the season and my weekend.
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