Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Presents, More Trellis and Knitting Avoidance

My friend Julie recently moved into a new house with her boyfriend and I wanted to get them a little something to commemorate the move. I visited a cute shop near my work named "George" and inside I found the perfect gift.

His name is "Scooter" and for someone as dog obsessed as Julie, this was the perfect present. These little guys are hand painted and while some open to hold tealights, Scooter has wheels for those much needed fast get-aways. As a bonus, he is also anatomically correct.

In the knitting arena, I knitted up storm on the Trellis sweater last night.

Sleeves were started and happiness was abundant untill I glanced over at the seaming pile.

There is much to be done here.

One whole sweater to be seamed, sweater parts that need be to knitted to go with finished sleeves and fronts for a baby sweater back.

So I did the next logically thing, I worked on this.

Maybe I'll get started on the sweater seaming this evening. Yep, that is the new plan.
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