Thursday, September 01, 2005
Trellis Update

I've been plugging away at Trellis in my spare time this week (which has been scarce) and mentioned to Karen that I had made a mistake.

And Karen, being the master knitter she is, suggested the I rip back and use double pointed needles to make the fix. I knew it had to be done but I was scared to do this! What if I messed up and had to re-knit? That would have caused the sweater for Baby Ethan to be tossed aside and screaming to have occured. Since I didn't have any double-pointed needles in the correct size, I ended up using some circular needles.

Luckily no screaming occurred and no sweater tossing happened, though there was a little bit of teeth nashing. In the end though, there was success! I did end up making a change from the pattern and just did the center pattern in seed stitch. I think it looks good and my only concern will be remembering what I've done for the remainder of the back.

PS Check out the Katrina button over there --------> Thanks to Susan and Margene for doing this!
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