Wednesday, September 21, 2005
The Man With A Hook For An Arm

Tonight after running 4 miles with Julie and Zubin, I decided to stop by Third Place Books on my way home to see if the newest Harlot book was in stock. I headed over toward the knitting section and as I began to glance around the shelves, my phone rang. It was my brother, the alarm company had called him.

The house alarm was going off and no one was home to turn it off. At first I thought that someone had forgotten to turn off the motion sensor and that Destiny had set off the alarm. I told my brother that I would head straight home and promised not to go in if any looked "creepy". I called my Dad on the way there and got ahold of him. I let him know that the alarm company had called and that I was heading home. I also let him know that the police were on their way due to a call from the alarm company. I arrived home and since nothing looked creepy and I had my Dad on the phone, I headed in. Nothing was different and the door which had set off the alarm was locked. I hung up with my Dad and called my brother.

My brother quickly reminded me that while you may grow up and your relationship with your siblings can mature, it can also quickly revert to childishness. He asked me if I had checked the garage and I said I wasn't going to since the murderer could be in there. He said I needed to check and that he would remain on the phone with me in case I was murdered (so very helpful of him!). Then he said, "What if the Man With A Hook For An Arm is in there?" And right there, I told him I was going outside and wainting for the police. A very nice and cute officer showed up and checked out the garage for me. Luckily the Man With A Hook For An Arm had already departed and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. BUT I won't be forgetting the fear my brother introduced and THERE WILL BE PAYBACK!

And so now to bring relaxation into my life, I shall be knitting and enjoying Lost since I prefer my spooky encounters to remain on the television and not in my garage.
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