Monday, January 02, 2006
Just a Brokenback Day

No goals were met today and no crazy attempts at insane activities were completed. I did however finish up half a knitting project and complete another quick project. I purchased "Weekend Knitting" about a year ago and have been lusting after the Flower Washcloths since then. So last Friday when my company let us head home early, I made my way to the Fiber Gallery and I scooped up some Crystal Palace Chamois yarn. That night I began knitting up the washcloth and by Saturday morning, I was binding off!

And that blue project at the top, that is one completed leg warmer for Mot. The second one is on the needles and while I am still awaiting the second skein of needed yarn (darn that errata in knitting books!) I am going to see how far the first skein will take me.

Meg and I went to see Brokeback Mountain today. It was a bit slow and ehhhh. It was good and all but I was a bit bored. Hmmmmm, I was hoping for more but it was wonderful to spend time with Meg. She even gave me a present for helping her with her blog. Though to be honest, just reading her blog is present enough! (I'm not giving the present back though, you can't make me!)
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