Monday, January 23, 2006

Personal History

As I flipped through family photos, I selected the following as some of my favorites.

As a child, I was daddy's girl and in fact in many ways I still am. I know that my Dad will always be there for me. He's driven me miles and miles in order for me to start a new job, met me to help me with a flat bike tire the night before a race even though it was midnight, told me that I was wonderful and could do anything myself, made me do things myself but did things for me.

Here I see how young my father was when I was born. He was only 25, younger than I am now. I can tell he is enjoying my antics and those curlers always bring a smile to my face since my Mother used to put those in my hair all the time. And she wonders why I am a girly girl!

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Even though I was deeply attached to my Dad as a child, I adored my Mother and wore her to a bone. She was even younger when I was born, barely 20 years old. I had endless energy and much mischief. She tells stories of my antics which now make us laugh until we cry. My Mother shaped much of who I am today.

I can see the exhaustion in my Mother's face in this photo. It looks like it was Christmas time and in the background you can see the Muppet Couch. We had it recovered when I was 10 years old. I cried and threw myself on the couch. It was as if a dear friend was being taken away and changed forever. The couch was never that orange or that fuzzy again.

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If I wore my Mother down when it was just me, she must have been near death when my brother came along. He quickly became my partner in crime. We would canvas the neighborhood, going places we were not allowed, having fun times and creating memories that make us smile to this day.

I love this photo because I'm showing my brother off. He's my little brother and while I may beat him up and call him names, you can not. I will protect him as necessary.

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