Friday, January 25, 2013

14 Months with Molly Pop

Play Time with Bear!

Molly! You are 14 months old and doing so much. Your vocabulary is starting to really open up and you are understanding so much!

Molly - 14 months

Every morning I ask you if you are hungry for breakfast and until about a week ago, I never got much of a response. Now you run to your high chair and try to climb in it while saying, HONGREEEE! Then you dive into your food with such enthusiasm.

Pho Baby

This month you also got to meet your new baby cousin, Abby. You love watching her and get really excited when we let you hold her. Of course, we are right next to you when you do so as you are not that good at holding yet. You are so gentle with her too which is nice as I was a little nervous that you would thump on her as you do the cats!

Little Imp

We've started back up with swim lessons which is such a delight. You LOVE the water so much and really I shouldn't let lessons lapse again. It's a fun way to spend some time and a great way to get you to nap!

Tunnel Kid!

You have also discovered your belly button and are obsessed with seeing everyone else's. Not everyone wants to show off their belly though! You can also identify your nose and head some of the time. It's really hit or miss right now.

I broke out a set of blocks for M and now all I hear is wood crashing on wood (with giggles).

We are loving each day with you and taking on each new challenge as it comes. It's wonderful that you are beginning to understand more and more and can communicate (however rudimentary) with us!

Cthat? Cthat?

Keep bringing on the fun! And know that it is just as much fun to ride in the stroller on Momma's runs as it is to run alongside her.

You are also learning how to give kisses without licking our faces. You also now give your kisses and hugs freely which is wonderful. We have so much love for you and you for us that I think we are all bursting with so much love in this house.
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