Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Photo a Day in December


Last month I participated in FAT MUM SLIM's December's Photo a Day Challenge and I loved it! I'm hoping to continue with these kinds of challenges throughout 2013.

Links to each of my December photos: 1. Peace - Poor Santa had the exact opposite of a peaceful day. #fmsphotoaday, 2. Something you held - I held my favorite yarn today even though I haven't had time to knit yet. #fmsphotoaday, 3. Black + White - Even though Molly was a bit grumpy today due to cutting some molars, she still took some time to ham it up for the camera., 4. Looking Up - It was such a beautiful, sunny day so Molly and I visited the SAM Outdoor Sculpture Park to gaze upon the Eagle., 5. Where I Live - I live in a sea of toys #fmsphotoaday, 6. Out + About - Molly and I headed out to check out the winter festivities today. She helped conduct the orchestra. #fmsphotoaday, 7. Stars - For years I've wanted to go to the Greenlake Pathway of Lights. We took Molly and met up with some friends for a stroll under the stars. It was wonderful! #fmsphotoaday, 8. Someone you love - I made my BFF an infinity scarf for Christmas. She was super excited about it. It was wonderful seeing her this weekend. #fmsphotoaday, 9. 8 pm -- Celebrating the 1st year of parenthood #fmsphotoaday, 10. Under - if one lies on the table, they are under my fabulous chandelier., 11. Light - Molly and I played around with the Christmas lights tonight. #fmsphotoaday, 12. Hat - just two girls wearing their hand knit hats #fmsphotoaday, 13. Something Green - This is my favorite chair and pillow. At Christmas time, my green reindeer doll joins the party. #fmsphotoaday, 14. Outside - The outside was very, very, very rainy today which meant it was the perfect day to watch The Hobbit! #fmsphotoaday, 15. Something you made - I'm making the Smitten Mitten Holiday Garland. Two down, 22 to go! #fmsphotoaday, 16. On The Floor - my Den floor is a toddler war zone #fmsphotoaday, 17. Sweet - Sweet Sugar Scrub presents #fmsphotoaday, 18. Makes You Merry - The Holiday Tree at Westlake makes me merry! #fmsphotoaday, 19. Starts with S - Sweet Potatoes! We have a lot of these around our house because Molly and I love them. #fmsphotoaday, 20. Weather - The effects of weather on my yard are very evident at this time of year. #fmsphotoaday, 21. Decorations - other people's decorations are lovely. #fmsphotoaday, 22. Joy is my hilarious niece and her blinking nose! #fmsphotoaday, 23. Tradition - This year we are starting a new tradition. On Christmas Eve, Molly gets to open one present which will always be Christmas PJs. Then we take a photo of us in our Christmas PJs. #fmsphotoaday, 24. Lunchtime - Around lunchtime we tried to get a photo of my brother's dogs and Molly. It was chaos. #fmsphotoaday, 25. Mess: The after-Christmas scene is quite messy around this house. I've done one sort but will be doing another toy sort shortly. So many toys! #fmsphotoaday, 26. Tree - I'm quite pleased with my Christmas Tree this year. It has a lot of pink lights. #fmsphotoaday, 27. How I Relax - I exercise to relax and it feels so good! #fmsphotoaday, 28. Cold - The ice box is cold #fmsphotoaday, 29. Hot #fmsphotoaday, 30. Something that made me smile this year, 31. Self Portrait #fmsphotoaday
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