Tuesday, January 15, 2013

8 in 2013

Weelittlestitches - Scott asked for a Star Wars cross stitch. #8in13

I've been thinking about the 8 in 2013 challenge and how I want to personally tackle that challenge. I've decided that I am going to complete 2 things in 4 different crafting arenas.

Surprise - We had a delightful dinner with some parent friends tonight. The delicious meal was punctuated with a scrumptious dessert. The surprising part was the roasted pear that I adored! I'm not usually a pear fan. #fmsphotoaday

I'm really excited about these challenges/goals. I'm a very goal focused person and having plans laid out is quite thrilling for me. I have many more goals and challenges floating around in my mind but I've decided to narrow it down to keep myself in line. Sometimes limiting oneself means that you actually accomplish something instead of just starting a lot of things. I'm very good at starting and only OK at finishing things. 
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