Friday, January 18, 2013

On Toddlers (+ Play)

Pho Baby

Toddlers are a strange bunch. They look and act like little people but with one caveat, they are completely insane! One moment, they are clinging to you and screaming because you dared to put them down so you could pick something up and the next moment, they are running down the hall away from you and yelling in joy.

Cthat? Cthat?

I'm really enjoying Molly as she goes through different stages. The toddler stage is exciting and exhausting! The biggest difference I'm finding between Baby Molly and Toddler Molly is that I now need to keep her entertained. Baby Molly found the ceiling light to be fascinating! Toddler Molly demands something a bit more stimulating.

We do a lot of outside activities such as story time at the library, swim lessons at the local pool, tot gym time at the rec center and a ton of visits to the Zoo!

Monkey Molly watching the gorillas!

However, we can't spend every moment outside of the house. Naps need to be taken at home or they just aren't very good and I have stuff I need to do around the house (so much stuff to constantly get done!). Toward that end, I've been gathering activities that we can do at home, activities outside of the usual reading of books, playing with toys and torturing the cats kind of activities.

Molly + her dolls

Here are some of my current favorites (and a few we need to try):

Activities to promote fine motor skills (because play while improving skills is important!)

Hallway House (I'm planning on making one of these for Molly! We have the perfect hallway for it and I think she would LOVE this)

Activity Bags (this is intended for car rides but I think you could make them for certain times of day or particular kinds of weather)

How do (did) you keep your toddler entertained without going insane yourself? What kinds of activities do they enjoy? 

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