Monday, January 14, 2013

On Knitting

Finished Wee Austin Hoodie

Even without a calendar and the new year celebration, I can always tell when it is January by my intense need to KNIT ALL THE THINGS, ORGANIZE ALL MY YARN and CLEAR OUT MY RAVELRY QUEUE.

Craft Cave Mascot

This year I have been stymied by the basement fix-up so I can't organize my yarn just yet but I sense February will bring me a lot of organizing happiness. I have however found time to queue up more patterns to knit and am currently attempting to knit 5 things at once.

It's not going as well as I imagined in my head though. It's hard to knit 5 things at once when you only have two hands and both are needed to knit ONE thing at a time.

Spud + Chloe

So today I'll be taking some time to tidy up my knitting bags and really prioritize my knitting. I have a baby hat that I need to finish for a friend and since it is a quick knit, I might just start with that. Then I'll move on to the hat I started for my husband. It's cold outside and his head would really appreciate the warmth. From there, I'll see what I have squirreled away. The only way to knit all the things is to knit them one at a time. I just need to remember that.

How do you keep control over your knitting desires?

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