Friday, January 04, 2013

Living Cable TV Free

TV - watching the local news as Molly naps on the floor where she collapsed after playing. #fmsphotoaday Scott and I get asked at lot about how we live without cable television. It's easy and we still (unfortunately) watch A LOT of television. The first thing we did when we went cable free was to purchase a digital antenna, a RCA ANT1650R Flat Digital Amplified Indoor TV Antenna. The digital antenna is much stronger than the old fashioned rabbit ears (which may not even work now).

 Along with the antenna, we purchased a Roku HD Streaming Player so we could stream shows straight to our television. We also signed up for a Netflix account but I recently cancelled that. We now use our Amazon Prime and the Amazon Instant service to watch movies and shows that are not available on network television (i.e. Homeland or Justified).

 We have found that we are saving a lot of money a month by watching TV this way. We have also focused our TV habits. Instead of mindlessly flipping through 100 channels, we have to search and select a show to watch.

 You can watch a lot of shows and movies a month for WAY less than it costs to have cable. Cable is approximately $75 to $100 a month in my area. Amazon Instant offers an entire season of Homeland for $17.99 which is 13 hours of television. Netflix has a great service of unlimited streaming for $8.99 a month.

 Scott and I once spent A TON of cash watching shows one weekend when I was first pregnant with Molly and on modified bed rest. We watched TV all weekend. At the end of the month, I freaked out and asked Scott how many millions of dollars we had spent to watch TV that month. He told me that we had spent $45 which is still a lot less than $100.

And that my friends is how Scott and I watch TV without cable. We do have to wait a day to see some shows and even months to see others (HOMELAND SEASON 2, I'm looking at YOU!) but the money savings makes it all worth it.

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