Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - 30 Minute Workout

This week, I decided to take on an exercise challenge from Pinterest! Molly decided that napping was for suckers and I still needed to get my workout in, something I usually do during her morning nap.

I found this great 30 minute workout from Undressed Skeleton and decided to take on the challenge!

Since Molly wasn't napping, I turned the 15 minute mile jog on the treadmill into a 15 minute mile jog with the stroller. I was feeling pretty good about myself until a woman resembling a gazelle ran past me pushing a DOUBLE STROLLER! The good thing about her was that I was just about to give into a walk but couldn't once she passed me, I had to solider on.

How I Relax - I exercise to relax and it feels so good! #fmsphotoaday

Once we got home, I took Molly out of the stroller, set her up with some toys and began the rest of the workout. By the time, I got to the 3 sets of 1 min. wall sits, my legs were JELLO! It was awesome! I did cheat on the jumping jacks a little bit because I basically hate jumping jacks and decided that doing 40 of them was awesome.

Day 232 (232/366): These Shoes Are Made For Walking

The best part of this was that 15 minutes is totally do-able while Molly rampages around me. She had a great time watching me and thought I was pretty silly when I groaned about my legs falling off during the wall sits.

If you only have 30 minutes and no equipment, I'd highly recommend this workout. It gets your heart pounding and leaves you sweaty. Nothing better than that in my book!
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