Wednesday, January 02, 2013

On Goals

Day 280 (280/366): Rededication!

The new year always brings me the desire to make lofty goals. This year, I've decided to fight that desire. I'm making three simple goals. 

Day 232 (232/366): These Shoes Are Made For Walking

My first goal is to run the Vancouver (BC) 1/2 Marathon on May 5. I spent most of last year recovering from having Molly and getting back into running shape. This year I'm going to put that hard work to use!

Day 348 (348/366): I DID it!

This will be my fourth time doing the Vancouver 1/2 Marathon and I'm excited to check out the new course. I'm also excited to know that at least two of my PEPS Mamas will also be out on the course with me.

How I Relax - I exercise to relax and it feels so good! #fmsphotoaday

Molly and I will be spending our fair share of time with the BOB stroller which is good as Molly likes to take in the sites and I like to pretend I'm flying along like a gazelle (even though reality is much different).

Day 334 (334/366): 10 Miles Through Alki

I look forward to making this face in May. Do you have any running tips for me? Any tips for Molly?

Day 138 (138/366): Time = 3:03!

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