Saturday, May 25, 2013

18 Months with Molly Pop

18 months

18 months? Who said that you get to be 18 months old? That sounds so grown up!


You are gearing up for the terrible twos and I'm not sure that I'm ready for them. They are going to be ROUGH but I think they are also going to fun.


This past month was one of ADVENTURE! It started with a fun trip to the Zoo to check out their new exhibit

Sneak Peek at the Zoo!

We took Grandma with us and the both of you had a grand time. You even conned her into getting you a new stuffed animal, a penguin!

Sneak Peek at the Zoo!

In early May, we headed up to Vancouver, BC so Mama could run her 1/2 marathon. You and Daddy cheered your little hearts out! It was fun seeing you along the course.

Finisher! Couldn't be happier with my race!

You also made a new friend in Vancouver, OT! He was very smitten with you and you were fascinated by him.


Dinner with OT!

Beach Time!

After a few days in Vancouver, we headed up to the Sunshine Coast to enjoy a few relaxing days of fun before ending our trip in Whistler. You did OK with all the driving but we were quite thankful that we decided to hold off on a trip to Banff until you are much older.

Swim Crazy Child!

We swam in a glacially cold pool which you loved. I did not enjoy the experience. It was too cold!


We took you on a fun hike where you actually hiked most of the way! You sure do have a lot of energy.

Watching Momma

On our way back, we stopped in Bellingham and you got to hang with Cousin Katie! The two of you are so cute together.


You have become quite the fearless child this month. You have always been without fear but now you are jumping off the side of the swimming pool without making sure that I'm there to catch you, climbing onto tables and dancing like a fool and running as fast as you can. I both like and dislike this fearless thing. I'm not sure if I could encourage it or not!

2:15 pm Off on an adventure!

We had a few visits to the Zoo this month and we even took Daddy on one of them. I love going to the Zoo with the both of you.

10:45 am Zoooooo

We have your 18 month well check next week so we'll find out exactly how big you are then and get your final vaccination shots until you turn 4. Now that is awesome!

Your vocabulary is really exploding and you are really engaging with people. You say Hi to everyone and Bye Bye when we leave. You are still such a little social butterfly and love engaging with new people.

As always, I'm thrilled to have you as my Molly Pop! You are such a wonderful, full of energy, drives my nuts child. I couldn't have asked for a better one, even when you break me. We love you, Molly Pop! Keep up the excitement!
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