Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Favorites

This is a Sunday in a very long time that I'm not out running. It feels weird but also good to sleep in and not worry about my mileage.

My favorites this week are a bit crafty. I think I'm feeling the crafty mojo even after my sweater debacle. Enjoy!

1. reds, 2. blues, 3. 1,280 one-inch hexagons, 4. Horses, 5. Some deliciousness from a beautiful shoot day with the dream team @jossherd73 & @schonnemann, 6. Food Revolution Day! These beauties are courtesy of the Meringue Girls #FRD2013, 7. Molly's Sketchbook: Simple Four Square Quilt, 8. i sorted the stars by color and realized that i made two stars with the same fabric, so i got to make one more., 9. Hamburger at home. #hammayburgers @nathangale testing the new #ABeautifulMess iPhone app too!, 10. linen doilies!, 11. Brown Butter, Sweet Potato Blondies with White Chocolate, Dried Cranberries, and Pepitas. blogged!, 12. Cauchy calls again, 13. More of this, please, 14. _MG_5211, 15. Missing the ox. Missing the burger. Missing our friend. Missing what was. #latergram, 16. Breathtaking Oahu. #Hawaii, 17. in progress :: Narragansett, 18. in progress :: Narragansett, 19. Sleeveless On A Beauty, 20. week two hundred & five, 21. Hello, there! #pigeon #Waikiki, 22. Our beautiful, strong, loyal boys., 23. shop till your bike drops, 24. HipstaPrint, 25. Spring
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