Saturday, May 18, 2013


My local yarn store recently had their yearly yarn sale and so I decided to pick up yarn for Molly's 2 year sweater. Molly even selected the color, purple. Once I got the yarn, I decided that I should just knit the sweater now so that I wasn't rushing when her birthday neared. I started the sweater on our ride up to Vancouver.

I carefully swatched, nailed the gauge and measured Molly's chest (21"). With all the details on my side, I cast on for the 2 year old size which should come out at 25" so perfect! room to grow! I knit on the sweater for most of the trip. I got all the way to the shoulders! I felt victorious! Only the sleeves and hood to go! This was going very well!

I decided to try the sweater on Molly. And that is when the sad trombone sang its song. The sweater was already tight on Molly's shoulders. I checked my gauge again and I was spot on. I checked Molly's measurements again, yep, still 21" chest. I look at the directions. I decided to rip. I'm going to make the 4 year old size and hopefully it won't be huge. But if it is, that means there will be room to grow!  Now of course I  need to go and buy more yarn.

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