Monday, May 13, 2013

Ran Like a MOTHER!

I Ran Like A Mother! And my fans cheered like family!

I started my second Mother's Day with the Run Like a Mother 5K and it was so much fun! Two of my friends from PEPS also did the race and they also had a blast. The course was all terrain from concrete to gravel, dirt and even a wooden bridge over a stream. We covered it all. 


My morning started out with a breakfast of eggs and toast made by Scott. We then headed over to Warren G. Magnuson Park for the 5K. The parking was tight but since this was a small race, we were able to quickly find it and then locate my friends. 

Scott and Molly headed off to the park and I headed to the start line. The atmosphere at the start line was full of fun. There were all types of Moms there from Mother/Daughter teams, stroller sets and even some pregnant runners. 


I started out the run with my friend, Teresa. We sprinted away from the start and I quickly knew that I had started out TOO FAST! I tried to keep up the pace but then panted to Teresa, "GOOO (gasp) AHEAD (gasp)!" After she ran off, I slowed my pace but kept running. I wanted to try to run the entire first mile but that didn't happen. The first mile felt SOOOOOOO LOOOOOONG! Laurie commented on that too. I think after running 13.1 miles a week before and then not doing anything at all for the rest of the week, my legs were not ready for the first mile. 


I got to the first mile marker and felt strong. I pretty much ran the entire second mile which felt great. As I approached mile three, I wanted to walk but a volunteer (a young teenager) would not allow that. He yelled, "YOU CAN NOT WALK PAST ME! YOU MUST RUN!" It was just the motivation I needed. I kept running. 

The signs along the course were getting more motivational as the finish line approached. At about 2.9 miles, two girls sprinted across the field toward their Mom who was just in front of me. They said they were going to run their Mom in. It was the sweetest thing ever. 

photo (35)

I run toward the finish line and one sign made me laugh. It said, "The finish line is near and so are your kids". My friends and I later commented that the sign might not be the right motivation depending on how your kids were acting that day. 

I Ran Like A Mother! And my fans cheered like family!

Scott and Molly were waiting for me right before the finish line so I made sure to look super fast as I ran by. I'm not sure that Molly was impressed with my running. I think she just wanted to be back at the park in the swings. It still is nice to have two such dedicated fans cheering me on when I run. 


I came in around 43 minutes and learned that the first finisher came in around 17 minutes. WHOA! Go Momma! That is zooooooom impressive. 

I found my friends after the race at the playground and we chatted about the race. Then Molly, Scott and I headed to Top Pot Doughnuts for some doughnuts. Heck, it was Mother's Day and I ran a 5K. I was having a doughnut.  It was a good one. My friend Laurie was also there. Molly mooched some doughnut off Laurie before settling in for her own very large doughnut. The kid was hyped up on sugar! It is a good thing she doesn't get doughnuts very often. 

After enjoying our sugary feast, we headed home where Molly took a 2.5 hour nap. After she woke up, we enjoyed dinner with my brother, SIL and their baby girl. It was nice celebrating my SIL's first Mother's Day with her. Molly loved seeing her cousin who is growing up so fast! She's working on crawling and I suspect she'll be there soon. Molly is going to love her mobility. 
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