Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - DIY Tent

This might be the coolest thing I've made from Pinterest! I even got to purchase a drill bit which made this extra cool because I felt super handy. Interesting fact, drill bits are cheap!

Tent Materials

I started by gathering my materials. My Home Depot didn't have 48" long dowels and mouldings (or at least I couldn't find them) so I purchased the 36" ones. I figure Molly is still little so she doesn't need a tall tent. I also found some great fabric in my stash that was perfect for this project. I had purchased it years ago intending on making a cat pillow cover. Well I never did it and now this fabric was perfect for my project. 


Square Dowel with Round Dowel

Drilling the holes in the square dowels was easy-peasy. It was harder making sure I was centered before I started drilling. The round dowels fit into the holes I made on the square dowels like a charm. 


I then hemmed the fabric for the tent and sewed elastic onto each corner. I, unfortunately made the tent fabric a little long so I need to hem it again. I'm hoping to find some time over the long weekend. 

Completed Tent

Pretty Tent

Molly loves her new little tent and I've even found the cats sleeping in it. I had intended on keeping it in the living room but the wood floor does not make a grippy surface for the tent legs and it keeps collapsing on Molly. I think it will be fun in her bedroom. 

Molly and Her Tent

A friend suggested that I include how much Pinterest Thursday costs me so I'll be including a break-down of the costs at the end of each post from now on. I'm excited to see how the costs of some of these projects compare to just buying them at the store. 

Total Price for this Pin: $23.17
Breakdown of Costs:
Oak Dowel $3.98
Square Dowel (4) $13.40 ($3.35 each)
Spade Drill Bit $4.19
Elastic $1.57
Fabric Free
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