Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bedroom Re-Do!

Entry to Den

When we moved into this house two and half years ago, we decided to prioritize which rooms were decorated when in an effort to use our money wisely. We had moved from a 600 square foot condo into a 2,200 square foot house which meant we had a lot of extra space. I now wonder where all that space went and we are still in the midst of decorating our "new" house.

Dining Room After

We started with the dining room since we were hosting Thanksgiving that year and I wanted it to look extra nice. Then we moved onto the den and made that into a "man cave" though with the addition of Molly, the room is now covered with toys. I also spruced up my laundry room and still have plans to paint floor one day. When we did Molly's room, we also spiced up the kitchen with new paint.


In January, I decided it was Scott and I's turn to have our room done. We didn't want to spend a lot of money but we wanted the room to have a lot of pop! We talked about inspiration and settled on an Amsterdam theme. We wanted a feeling of Amsterdam in our bedroom, from the colors to the artwork.


I then visited my favorite place, Home Depot to find the perfect paint color. After narrowing it down to two, I came home and painted them on the wall. While mulling over the two paint choices, I decided to paint our closet. The previous owners had removed some sort of wallpaper border in the closet, leaving a long strip of ick. I spackled and sandpapered my heart out before applying a nice clean coat of white paint.


We debated a bit more on the paint color before settling on the dark purple. We decided to do the wall behind our bed with the purple and finish off the other walls with a crisp white. The painting took me over a month to complete. I tackled walls during Molly's naps and on weekends. We lived with our bed in the middle of the room for a very long time. It was annoying to have one's pillow fall off the bed in the middle of the night. That is when we decided that a headboard was very important to us. We talked about making a headboard but when I saw a white, tuffed headboard on The Foundary for an awesome price, I knew it was going to be better to purchase one than make one.


We next moved onto the curtains, the previous owners had left these hideous roman shades. While they worked to block out the sun and provide privacy, they were not something we wanted to keep around. Window treatments are notoriously expensive though and I was not interested in spending $500 for some curtains.


After a lot of research and a lot of discussion, we decided to go with cheap vinyl roller shades paired with some sheer curtains. We found the roller shade at Home Depot and Ikea had an ingenious corner curtain rod which was perfect for our corner window. I added four curtain panels and it was complete!


I also found some fun frames which we are filling with photographs from our honeymoon in Paris and Amsterdam. I replaced our non-matching lamps with two matching lamps in brushed nickle and purged our room of any unnecessary items. That was a BIG trip to the Goodwill!


We are so happy with how the room turned out. We're still looking for some artwork for the wall across from our bed as we fell the one photo is a bit lonely. The most important lesson I learned from this project is that home improvement projects take two to three times as long with a child. Everything just takes longer with a child. I'm not building that into all of my future plans.


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