Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Day in the Life 5.19.2013

10:45 am Zoooooo

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite Twitter Mamas suggested that we do A Day in the Life Photo Challenge. I jumped immediately on board because I LOVE documenting my day and I LOVE seeing everyone else's days. I'm nosy like that. 

The photo challenge was this past Sunday and I have to say I had so much fun doing it! I had even more fun checking out everyone's photos and seeing what they were up to in the Flickr group pool.

Francesca is already ramping up for another challenge and I am excited for it. She's thinking of making it even more challenging by only photographing her day in black and white. I love this idea! It adds a great dynamic to the challenge. 

You can see all of my photos in my Flickr Set.

1. 7:24 am Wake-up Time!, 2. 7:51 am COFFEE, 3. 8:48 am Doing Molly's hair, 4. 8:50 am Molly rummages in the diaper bag, 5. 8:55 am We're heading out so I have to get Molly's stuff together., 6. 9:10 am Getting myself ready, 7. 9:22 am Heading out to breakfast!, 8. 9:30 Breakfast at our new favorite restaurant, 9. 9:30 Breakfast at our new favorite restaurant, 10. 10:45 am Zoooooo, 11. 11:05 am Sleeping Jaguar, 12. 11:15 am Gorillas! Nina and Pete (the old ones), 13. 11:25 am Zoomasium!, 14. 11:58 am Swinging at the park, 15. 12:26 pm Picking up more yarn for Molly's sweater, 16. 12:45 pm Lunch!, 17. 1:34 pm Knitting while the non-napper plays. Molly took a nap on the ride home from the Zoo and the transfer did not take., 18. 2:15 pm Off on an adventure!, 19. 2:45 pm exchanging of yarn for proper dye lot!, 20. 3:15 pm Pit Stop at Fred Meyer, 21. 4:00 pm Making mini frittata muffins for breakfasts, 22. 4:15 pm Snack Time! Molly finally fell asleep so I'm going to enjoy my snack and knit., 23. 6:40 pm Dinner!, 24. 7:15 pm After dinner and bath, it is time for some playing and reading., 25. 7:15 pm After dinner and bath, it is time for some playing and reading., 26. 8:09 pm Time for Hobbits!, 27. 8:36 pm Dessert! Strawberries with whipped cream., 28. 9:05 pm Finished the jacket for Molly's birthday doll (which still needs to be made). This jacket is a smaller version of the one I'm making for Molly's 2nd birthday. I'm hoping this small version can help me figure out the sizing on the big one., 29. 11:02 pm Time for sleep! Goodnight!
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