Thursday, June 23, 2016

54 Months (4.5 Years) with Molly Pop!

Project 52 - Week 8

Dear Molly,

I went looking back for your 4-year-old update and I can't believe that I didn't write you a letter! I must have gotten caught up in the holiday celebrations and never got one written.


Four has been amazing though. This year, you started at a drop-off preschool which you love. You are starting to recognize letters and can spell your name like a champ! You can *almost* swim on your own. You are so close that I hold my breathe while I watch you try your hardest.


You take ballet classes once a week and alternate between loving them and not wanting to go to them. You were awesome at your ballet recital on Father's Day. You were a cat and told me all about your special cat ears which for some reason did not make it into the recital. I conquered the high bun your teacher wanted for your recital hair do. You looked so grown up with your mascara and hair that it made me cry a little bit.

You have a ton of sass. Your favorite expression is, "HOW DARE YOU!" with a hip twitch and curl of your lip. I try so hard not to giggle. We're already started having serious discussions about why you can't watch certain shows and whatnot. It's hard to be firm but so important too.

Week Two

You have two best friends, Penelope and Lorelei who you are going to miss next year when you move to the pre-K class room at school. Penelope is staying in your old classroom and Lorelei is headed off to Kindergarten. I know you'll still have fun though in your new room, just as you've had fun in your current classroom.


We went to Suncadia for Dad's birthday and you had a grand time again. You love going there and made me do the Thousand Stairs twice. I also took you to family boot camp at my gym which wore you out. It was the best!

Project 52 - Week 11

You are a prolific artist and will spend hours coloring in your books and then hanging the pictures on your bedroom wall. I love indulging your artistic qualities. I have piles of your art on the bookcase in the living room, waiting to be displayed. I really need to get on that.

Project 52 week 5.1

Molly, you are growing up to be a kind, caring kid with big thoughts and huge emotions. I love how much care you have for others, your zest for life and your adventuresome spirit! 

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