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Week in Review - 6.18.16

#100daysofsummer The girls started outdoor swim lessons today and for me, this means Summer has really begun!

I thought it would be fun to start doing a weekly post on what I've been doing for exercise, great recipes I've found and random things that the kids and I have been up to.



First up, exercise! I joined Sync Fitness and I LOVE it. I've always been a fan of weights mixed in cardio so this is the perfect boot camp for me. The workouts are hard but enjoyable. My weekly goal is to workout five times, with three of those times being spent at boot camp. This week I achieved my goal! I went to bootcamp three times and worked out elsewhere twice. I also went to a free community barre3 Ballard class at Verity Credit Union. I was sweating up a storm even though it felt wrong to sweat in a credit union! The studio opens up on July 11th and I am so bummed that I'm missing out on opening week. We're heading to the beach which will be awesome on its' own. I am sneaking in a class on the final day of free classes and hoping for a swag bag! I also took a cycling/TRX class at a local studio with a friend today. While we didn't really enjoy it, we were still glad to get some exercise in. I've been doing a combination of ClassPass and Sync Fitness membership which is working out great for me right now.



This was hard for me this week. The kids have been all-encompassing and I missed my regular prep day due to grocery delivery snafus. Meal prep is huge for me! I like to make salads in jars, prep dinners and snacks and just plan ahead. It's really the key to a healthier lifestyle for me. I did however discover a super easy lunch that Maggie and I ate in like 30 seconds. I'm a huge fan of the Skinny Taste blog and she had these Spicy California Shrimp Stackers on her site. I used microwave brown rice to shorten the prep time and had so much fun making these. Maggie was excited to have something fancy for her lunch. One of the ladies in my fitness group said that she made these as salads which I'mg going to try next week.


The Girls

The girls had a huge week! They got real bikes (with training wheels), started swim lessons and had so much fun in general. I'm a proud mama bear with the swimming skills the girls are showing. Molly's teacher said he was really impressed with her level of swimming and that he was amazed to learn she was 4 since most of his students are 6 or 7. My heart swelled with pride because Molly has been working really hard to swim the entire width of the pool on her own. She's almost there and I know by the end of the summer, she will have conquered that goal. Maggie just loves swimming and brings joy to her teachers. She leaps into their arms as soon as she sees them and they often have to caution her to wait until someone can catch her. She thinks she can swim on her own but really she can just sink on her own. On Mondays, the girls currently have two sets of lessons which really wears them out.

Over the weekend, we tried to buy the girls bikes at Target but they didn't have any in stock so I ordered some on Amazon. When they came, the girls hovered over me as I did the little bit of assembly necessary. They have spent every afternoon riding their bikes either down the street or on the back patio. They are obsessed!

The kids are currently off with Scott for Finding Dory and fingers crossed that everyone is well behaved and having a grand time.

Other Goings On

I've been reading a lot this week which means I'm officially out of my reading slump! May was so dismal that I'm planning on a May/June reading update so I have something to actually write about. I also started knitting a baby sweater this week. I have a new nephew coming in September and he is going to need something to keep him warm. I'm terribly behind on my 100 Days of Swatching but I'm working to get caught up. I was able to knit three swatches in church last Sunday but then fell behind again this week.

I have a lot of exciting articles coming down the pipeline and getting all of those sorted out has been both awesome and horrible. I also did my first solo NICU photography session last Thursday. I was so nervous about it but I think it went really well. We were able to get everyone photographed and now I just need to process the hundreds and hundreds of photos that I took and get them back to the organizer. I'm going back in July and hopefully I won't be as nervous this time.

That's it for this week! I'm off to schedule my workouts next week, plan my meals and maybe get some real work done while the house is quiet.

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