Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Elise: The sweater that might kill me in the making

Last night I was showing my knitting off to my Mom when she noticed a mistake. And as if she were channeling Becky, she said I must rip. And so I did.

As soon as I pulled the sweater off the needles, I said “Let’s check and see if I was making it the right size.” Well, I wasn’t. It was huge! The “back” of the sweater wrapped almost completely around my body. After a brief family discussion (I’m making the entire household participate in the making of this sweater), we decided that I should not try to increase the pattern instructions but should just knit up one skein in the largest size before rechecking the garment size.

So last night in order to not lose any momentum, I cast on for the largest size and started knitting away. I’m about half way through the skein and have switched to circular needles. This way I’ll be able to better measure the sweater while it is still attached to the needles. I am praying quite hard that I won’t have to start yet again on this sweater because it really shouldn’t be this hard but for some reason, it really is!

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