Thursday, May 27, 2004
More Patterns to Knit than Time to Knit!

I want to knit everything I see lately. Everything!

I want to knit Gigi and Rogue and a beautiful chocolate poncho inspired by Fluffa! Of course, this is in addition to all the other projects I have going on and the projects I just have plans for. What I need is more time to knit and faster knitting hands! I have all the patterns for the above projects just no yarn! The only yarn proving to be a challenge to find in the US is the Chocolate Phildar Ruban yarn but I'm hoping to visit France in November and that would be the time to make a huge Phildar purchase!

The problem, commuting is seriously cutting into my knitting time. I could take the bus but unfortunately the last two weeks, I’ve had appointments right after work. All of which I’ve been late for due to the horrible state of traffic around here. Is it too much to ask that my 20 minute commute not swell to an hour and a half just because some raindrops fell? I live in Seattle, it RAINS all the time here. Learn how to drive!

OK enough ranting! I do have good news. I’ve started Proust. This time with proper guidance from Cari. I originally started reading "In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower". Luckily Cari stepped in and asked me how I had enjoyed "Swann's Way". Well I hadn’t! My local bookstore was not helpful in the Proust fashion so I’ve started over and what a blessing that is. I adore Proust so far. His words just flow over you. That’s another thing I hope to spend this long weekend doing, reading Proust. I read him slower. I want to take the time to absorb the words. No rushing on these books for me. They don’t deserve that.

So this weekend, I hope to knit, read Proust, relax (I think I need it) and see movies! Hopefully this rain will clear up and I can get some running and biking in too. Lots to do for a three-day weekend!
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