Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Knitting, swimming and running

Last night some friends and I met for our very first Monday Night run in Madison Park. There are of course some kinks to still work out such as if we want to meet in Madison Park or if the time is right but over all it was a wonderful run. I haven’t run three miles in so long that it was practically joyous when I reached three miles and thought, I’m done, not ok only a billizion more miles to go. I felt wonderful!

After that quick jaunt, I went over to the pool to get a few quick laps in. While waiting for my friends to meet me, I knit a few rows on Elise. She was looking nice (well more on that later). We all quickly changed and scurried over to the pool. I was telling them about a mutual friend who had finally found a wonderful man to share her life with. One of them cracked a joke about whether or not this was the man our mutual friend had reported was h**g like a horse. This was of course funny to us but what made it even funnier was that the friend that said it was not aware of the guy standing right behind her laughing himself at her words. Let’s just say this made for a humorous swim.

Once I arrived home after fortifying myself with some yummy pizza, I dug back into knitting Elise. Unfortunately one of the needle point protectors had fallen off leading to some stitches slipping off. I had to restart Elise for the third time! I couldn’t get the stitches to stop sliding and slipping so I just started over. I’m back to where I was and hope to begin making some real progress (accidents aside) tonight. In fact, I think I’ll be knitting on lunch. Got the Elise making bug!

From the what not to knit portion of this site:

From Erika Knight's newest book, New Knits What is sad is there are lovely, lovely patterns in this book. I just can't get past the idea of a knitted slipcover for my arm chair!

I would love to knit this though.

Off to knit!

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