Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Tales of a Vancouver Child

After the race on Sunday, my friends and I made our way down to the Yaletown Milestones for some nourishment. We had the fantastic spinach and Artichoke Dip which I followed with a huge cheeseburger and some Stella! My friends declined the beer and opted for Bellini's instead.

Now this isn't that noteworthy but the child who visited our table was. His name was Carter and he was four years old. Like the CIA Agent he told us he was, he quietly slid up to our table with one eye on the plastic bulls that came with the Bellini's. Very carefully and as we all watched, he slid his hand up to the rim of the water glass they were resting on and snatched one. The other one fell into the water. One would assume that this meant he wouldn't go for a second bull. OH NO! His quick little hand was in the water glass before we knew it. There was a collective gasp heard around the table as we glanced around for his parents. Engrossed in conversation, they neglected to notice Carter was showcasing his thievery skills at another table. Our bursts of laughter at his bravery caught their attention and Carter was sent back to apologize.

He made a quick Sorry noise and asked where the other "toys' had gone. By this point, Mot and Stephanie had hid them. He looked Mot square in the eye and said, "But they are toys!" as if she was too old to have toys and should hand them over to her. I told him that another little boy had stolen them from us and that he was too late. Mot said the Kitchen had taken them. Krista watched him dumbfounded at his nerve and Stephanie kept shaking her head. It was her precious water glass he had placed his hand in. After he left, she stared at the glass, muttering something about needing fresh water.

Here is Stephanie trying to decide what to do about her contaminated water.

Carter provided us with a full day of laughter and a new tag line. BUT IT'S A TOY!

In happy knitting news, I received a wonderful box from Purl last week. Look what it contained!

Looks like I'll have to start knitting my summer tank soon!
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