Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Must See Movie

Go and see it! So good! So funny!

Debbie Bliss Elise -- I knitted some more on this tank last night after consulting with my father regarding my math skills. He's much better at math and actually seems to understand knitting patterns (once I explained the short hand). I feel like I've already run into a problem though and I'm only on row 4! There is a diagonal line of sl1 that runs up the sweater. It lines up (diagonally for the first three rows and then goes off on the fourth 5 stitches from where it should. According to the proper pattern (before my upsizing) this is correct. I sense that I'll need to visit my local SNB for some advice. For now, I'm going to plug ahead a few more rows and see if it works itself out.

The world seems be going crazy this week. Everything seems on edge. Personally, I think I just need some time to chill out (with some quiet time for knitting and reading). Last night, I skipped Chuckit Running and climbing (sorry Stephanie!) to just rest. I think it helped! Next week, I will go climbing! I can't wait to get back into it and get really good like Stephanie.
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