Tuesday, May 25, 2004

This is the license plate I saw today after being cut off by a small dark colored car getting off I-405 in Bellevue. And I did yell, LORDY! I figure this license plate is really a public service announcement letting people know to stay out of the way of this car!

Almost everyday when I get off the freeway at this exit, I'm cut off by someone in a rush. It's getting to the point that I'm afraid I'll be in an accident one day. And don't try to honk at these cars to warn them of their dangerous actions. Last time I did that, I was shown some very special sign language. I guess I 'll just have to keep my eyes open and very watchful in this area.

I measured Elise last night and I've completed about 10 inches of the 22 I need to complete the back. I figure that means I'm at least 30% done with the whole sweater. Must. Knit. More. I want this to be done so I can wear it and casually mention that I made it and have people gush over it. Is that wrong to want?

Happy and Safe driving to all! And if you live in Bellevue or Seattle, watch out for Lordy!
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