Tuesday, August 03, 2004
No PurlyGirls

Best laid plans and all that...I had planned to go to the Purlygirls Knitting Group last night but after I worked late, checked on my friend's cat, got my other friend's housewarming gift together, walked and fed the dog, it was already 7:30 p.m. which meant I wouldn't have gotten over there until 8 p.m. and I needed a shower badly. Soooooo I knitted a bit at home and cleaned the upstairs in preparation of Andi coming home.

Roux and I had a few adventures later in the evening. Roux is ever alert for anything going on outside and often barks at nothing, a twig moving or a squirrel running on the trees. Well last night, he barked and I decided to investigate. We headed out front where there was a strange man walking up and down the street with a pile of stuff in his arms. He could have just been a homeless man looking for a place to sleep but with all the arsons going on, I decided to watch him for a bit. The neighbor came over and took note of the guy too so I felt better when we went in for bed after a bit. Nothing happened but I decided it was best to be on alert!

Ohhhh! I almost forgot to mention that I planted some cute impatients in the front window box on the porch. Roux thinks they are pretty too.

Time to get some work done!
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