Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Return of the Main Blog Cat

It’s been fun to be back at home with Destiny. She’s been extremely spoiled by my parents and adores their backyard. I’m not so sure she’s been happy to see me though.

True to parental form, I’ve been busy mothering her. On Saturday morning, she got to visit the vet for her yearly visit. She’s quite petite at 9 pounds and is now vaccinated against everything out there. Since she’s gone from being an indoor cat to being allowed outside, she had to get extra shots this year which meant more money from my wallet! The visit was quite comical though. While Destiny is little, she packs a mean punch! The vet was unable to grab her and I had to put her into the vet’s arms. I may have scared the vet when she went to take Destiny to the back for her blood test and shots. I mentioned that while she is de-clawed (she came that way), she likes to hiss and hit with her front paws. The look of fear in the vet’s eyes gave me the giggles! Poor Destiny when she returned looked a bit bedraggled though! She went in to the vet all fluffy and pretty and left with a saliva covered chest and chin and a mangy looking back leg. The vet also casually mentioned that the de-worming treatment can give some animals a bad reaction. This freaked me out and required me to watch Destiny the entire way home.

I continued to quietly freak out the rest of the day since I wasn’t at home to watch her. Instead I was on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train for my Mother’s 50th birthday celebration. We had a grand time and I’ll recount those adventures later this week when I have photographic proof.

In other exciting weekend news, I ran 16 miles on Sunday. I won’t lie, it was very hard. The first 12 miles were fantastic and if I could have quit after that, I would be telling you that I had a great run. Instead I will tell you that I had to walk the final two miles home and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it. It was hard and I have a blister or two. But we all have hard runs and I’ll have a better run this weekend, especially since I only have to do 8 miles!

I’ve been busy working on the Cloverleaf sock from the 6 sock knitalong and while everyone else has moved onto the second sock, “Making Waves”, I’m still plugging away. My only qualm is that I don’t think I am doing it right. My sock doesn’t look like the pictures. I may have to rip. If I have to rip, I’m switching patterns and making Ryan’s Dublin Bay socks. I shall make my decision tonight.

P.S. Destiny says MEOW! HELLO! to Stella's kitties!
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