Thursday, August 05, 2004
Secret Pal 2

A few weeks ago, I joined the Secret Pal 2 program. I'm very excited about it and after surfing the ring this morning noticed that lots of people had posted a bit more about themselves. I decided to help out my Secret Pal (who is fantastic!) with a bit about myself.

I'm also having fun looking for goodies for my Secret Pal. I've got a few things going and after reading her blog this morning, there will be a few more goodies added :)

So about me! (It's all about ME! ME! ME!)

I like to bike, run, swim and be active. I'm currently training for the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC on Halloween. It will be my first marathon so I'm scared. My friend Stephanie will be there though so I'll have a rock of support to slap me around tell me to buck up! Also I'll get to visit Knit Happens and shop, shop, shop!

I have a beautiful cat named Destiny. I live with my parents so she's gone to the dark side while I've been busy dog and house-sitting. I'll have to entice her back when I go home next week.

I'm obsessed with knitting. I don't think there is a yarn I dislike. I do tend to prefer wool but only because of it's ease to knit with. I love pink and purples. I like most colors. I also like orange. I'm into making socks right now. I shall have warm feet by the end of the winter.

I love sweets, candy and coffee. I work in a coffee shop part time but I'm planning to quit soon. END OF AUGUST STEPHANIE! I'll be done by Labor Day. I want a digital camera and only need $100 for it.

I am snarky but fun. I love laughing. My best friend and I laugh at dumb things. I am obessed with The Amazing Race and want to be on it. I'm submitting an application with Mot whether she knows it or not.

I am purse crazy. I am only dogsitting Roux six more days and will be sad to go. I love books and wish I had more time to read. I wish I had more time, period.

Speaking of time, I need to got back to work. That's a brief insight into me!
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