Monday, August 02, 2004
Fires and other disasters

I've been house-sitting in Wallingford for the past four weeks. It’s been fun but lately spooky. On Saturday night, shortly after I retired to bed, you know after taking the dog out, brushing my teeth, reading Anna Karenina to relax. So I did all this and as I gently drifted off to sleep, I was abruptly awoken by the dog barking and fire engines roaring in the near distance. I figured they’d stop after a bit and told the dog to quiet down. He kept barking and the so did the fire engines. After going upstairs to peer out the window and seeing nothing and visiting the front porch, I figured (quite rightly) that whatever was going on was not too close so no worries. Well while the house I was in was not in danger, that much can not be said for others in nearby neighborhoods. Both Jessica and Meg live in Wallingford and wrote about the fires. It appears that Seattle has an arsonist on the loose. Ugghhhh!

In other news, I spent some time this weekend clearing the side yard of the house and tidied up the back. It’s looking great and I’m going to get some flowers tonight to spruce up the front porch. The owner comes home soon and I know she’ll love to be greeted by a nice looking place.

I’ve also started knitting a secret project. I’d say more but the recipient is a some-times reader of the blog and I don’t want to ruin the surprise! Pictures to come once the gift is finished and given.

Tonight I’m planning on attending my first Purly Girls Stitch and Bitch. I can’t wait! Though I regularly email with the Purly Girls, I’ve yet to meet them in person and tonight is the night. Nothing will deter me!
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