Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Happy present day for me! This weekend, I finally dragged myself to the post office and picked up a package that was waiting for me. I didn't recognize the return address and quickly ripped open the box.

Inside was quite a delight for me!

There was wool wash for my knits, foot soak for my achy feet and a cute frog with a loofah body in addition to a great card from my Secret Pal! Let's just say that my Secret Pal hit a home run with this present! She especially scored with the froggie which I'll have to hide from my Mom who has a passion for the green creatures.

Last night was my last night with Roux. This morning we went for our last run. Roux had a great run. Parting will be such sweet sorrow but I do know he will be excited to have his Mom back. In appreciation of our fun Summer together, Roux agreed reluctantly to model the baby hat I recently completed.

Gawd, looking at that picture cracks me up every time! He is so funny! That pose took me about an hour to get right. He kept trying to eat the hat. I think he finally got tired of me jamming the hat on his head and held still so the pain would be over with quicker.

Happy Knits!
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