Tuesday, December 07, 2004
100 Things

1. I turn 30 in 12 days.
2. I was born 6 days before Christmas.
3. During the first blizzard of the year in St. Paul, Minnesota.
4. I was the first live birth that a school of student nurses ever saw.
5. My Mom was awesome to allow spectators during her first time in labor.
6. I came home in a stocking.
7. I did not grow up in the Midwest.
8. I have one brother.
9. I have one cat named Destiny.
10. I think she likes my Dad more than she likes me.
11. I grew up with two cats and a dog.
12. I loved my dog and want another miniature Schnauzer though no other dog will ever compare to Schnapps.
13. Schnapps used to let me dress her up in my baby pajamas and use her as a pillow.
14. I miss the two cats I grew up with, Mr. T and Katrina.
15. I recently moved back in with my parents.
16. I love living at home.
17. I love to travel.
18. I wish I could travel the world for a living.
19. I speak elementary Spanish and want to take refresher classes.
20. I didn’t learn to speak until I was 4 years old.
21. I walked at 7 months.
22. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas.
23. I moved to Seattle when I was 11 ½ years old.
24. I thought it was cold here.
25. I met my best friend when I was 12.
26. My friend stole her friend’s lemon scented Swatch.
27. I met my other best friend when I was 14.
28. We were pen pals.
29. She lives in England.
30. I love to read.
31. I have a book addiction.
32. I think I’m trying to read all the books in the world.
33. I have a yarn addiction.
34. I learned to knit three years ago.
35. I love wearing sweaters.
36. I wish I could knit them faster.
37. I’ve only finished one sweater.
38. I have a purse addiction.
39. I ran a marathon this year.
40. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
41. Anyone can run a marathon.
42. I biked 200 miles two years ago from Seattle to Portland (STP).
43. I need another physical challenge for this next year.
44. My favorite movie is “Better Off Dead”.
45. My second favorite movie is Lord of the Rings (all of them).
46. I’m a Sagittarius.
47. Most of my family and friends are born in December.
48. December is an expensive month.
49. I love vacuuming.
50. I like cleaning too.
51. I like the color pink and love the color brown.
52. I used to crochet in college.
53. I worked in Yellowstone National Park in the summer during College.
54. I loved working at Yellowstone.
55. I’m really a city girl though.
56. I had a hard time adjusting to the city after Yellowstone and had a panic attack.
57. I went to Washington State University.
58. I have a Journalism degree and a minor in History and English.
59. I almost got a minor in Spanish.
60. I didn’t understand my 307 teacher.
61. She was from Spain.
62. I speak Mexican Spanish.
63. I want to visit Manchu Pichu.
64. I need to visit Brasil with Mot.
65. I want to see all the Vermeer paintings in the world.
66. I saw 8 Vermeer paintings this year.
67. I have seen 12 Vermeer paintings.
68. I have 23 more to see.
69. I’ve had a breast reduction.
70. I work at a PR agency.
71. I worked as a reporter for 2 ½ years.
72. It didn’t pay very well so I worked another job at the same time.
73. I once worked at a funeral home on Sundays.
74. I read a lot at that job.
75. I used to baby sit a lot as a teenager.
76. Now I dog sit a lot!
77. My friends and I were called the “Funky Bunch” in high school.
78. I’m a bit embarrassed to have admitted that!
79. I don’t speak French.
80. After visiting France, I really want to though.
81. I did take a French class this year.
82. I didn’t learn anything past “Aussi”.
83. I used “Aussi” in France.
84. I tried to speak French to the French people.
85. They were very kind and didn’t laugh at me (too much).
86. I prefer to drive a manual transmission.
87. I can’t be one with the car in an automatic transmission.
88. This meant I was the one to drive in France.
89. I LOVED driving in France though they drive a wee bit too fast.
90. Most of the time I like driving.
91. I really like Cheese.
92. I really love cheesecake.
93. I always request one for my birthday cake.
94. That was my hint to my Mother. (she makes great cheesecake!)
95. My Mom is exactly 20 years older than me.
96. My Dad is 25 years older than me.
97. My brother is 18 months younger than me.
98. He is married and has two cats.
99. Soon he will also have a dog, which I have nicknamed the Guinea Pig.
100. This was a fun list to make, I’m glad Kate inspired me!
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