Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Headed Toward Celebration Overload

Today is my other Grandfather's birthday. To celebrate this we are having Homemade Macaroni and Cheese and Cheesecake. I'm quite excited for dinner but I am reaching my celebration overload point.

December is a busy time for most people and for me, it is even busier since I also have birthdays to celebrate. Both of my Grandfathers have December birthdays along with my Father, myself, two of my dearest friends and a multitude of cousins. It can get hectic but it is always fun!

Last night I worked a bit more on Clapotis and boy do I love this pattern!

She's a bit rolly in this photo but that is because I only have so many hands and a very curvy, twisty circular needle. I am loving the stitch markers though. I purchased some additional pretty ones because Miss Clap is too pretty for the basic plastic ones. She deserves only the best.

I have only one more day here at work this week before a mini-Christmas holiday break. I plan to really tidy up my yarn stash and get it organized. I have way too many WIPs and I need to decide what to focus on (i.e. Lara needs to be finished!)and I still need to finish up my 30 things in my 30th year. That will appear here tomorrow morning!
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