Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Just a few of my favorite things...

Since I'm quite busy knitting away on my secret project (which MUST be finished this weekend), I thought I'd distract you with MORE photos from France.

I have a strange fascination with doors and windows. This photo was taken as I walked through the fortress walls around the Lourve before I entered the courtyard with its famous glass pyramids. I love how the sunlight streams through the doorway showing just a glimpse of buildings behind it.

This doorway from St. Paul de Vence thrills me because of the details. You can see the fantastic stone walkway made up of individual stones and the old Roman wall with even more doorways beyond.

This is one of my favorite favorites because of the color and the wonderful woman peeking out her window above. The composition of this picture draws me in and reminds me of the Cote d'Azur.

I love this one almost completely because of how blue the water is. The teal color is unmatched.

And this one makes me laugh! Our room in Paris was quite small and the bathroom even smaller. One could use the toliet, brush their teeth and if so inclined, wash their feet in the shower just beyond. This photo shows Jen demonstrating the mini portions of our bathroom.

Now I must get back to my secret project....all be will revealed soon!
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