Friday, December 09, 2005

So I was cruising the blog-sphere today when I happened upon Fig and Plum where she linked to some interesting photos she found on Flicker.

This one struck me was especially interesting. It is an entire tree covered in a knitted sweater. How cool is that? I love it for the artistic look of it all.

I've been seeing some great views of where people knit and I too want to show people where I knit but then I got to thinking and I realized that while I have a few secret places where I hide yarn, I don't really have a Knitting Space. I knit everywhere from my desk at work, to the coffeshop, to the couch to my bed (though I'd say that I'm more likely to be found knitting from my bed). So all those words to say that I don't have a photo to show where I knit because that would take too many photos!
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