Thursday, December 01, 2005
Thanksgiving Babies

Over Thanksgiving, we visited my cousin Ethan. The cousin, I knit the Trellis Sweater for. The sweater that almost killed me. But, you know, it was worth it because Ethan likes the sweater and he looks quite dashing in it.


He liked it so much, he agreed to show off the back too.

That's my hand, I was worried he'd fall over because even though he is excellent at sitting up, I'm still a nervous nelly!

Ethan is getting huge! He's a cute little guy and so very mellow. I likes the mellow babies. OK so I like ALL babies but mellow little cousins are great fun.

PS Ethan's Mother tried to convince me he needed a matching hat. She got a snarled lip in response. A matching hat in this pattern would surely kill me. He might get a hat down the road but cuteness will only get you so far.
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