Thursday, June 03, 2004
Picture Excitement

Tuesday morning I had some pictures developed at the local drugstore. I was super excited to scan them in today to show you my Elise sweater. Then disaster struck! The scanner would only scan in my photos in black and white.


Completely Outrageous! Tonight I will visit my digital camera friend with Elise to obtain some proper photos to show you.

In other exciting news, I have a new travel companion. Her name is Gina and she's about 9 inches tall.

Here she is (in her black and white glory) with Destiny in the background.

Gina is actually the travel companion to my group of friends, the Supergirls. Our friend who gave us that name actually has Gina's boyfriend, Reggie who travels with her. While in Portland this last weekend, she found Gina! The joy! So this week, Gina has been exploring Bothell and Destiny has welcomed her with wide open paws!

Off to have more adventures with Gina!
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