Monday, July 26, 2004
Yep, 15 miles. That’s how far I ran yesterday. That’s further than some people’s commutes to work! Just so you know it was a GREAT 15 miles with no splints and no pain. Well my entire body did get tired at mile 14 but I think that is to be expected.

For those who want to know if Roux joined me for this adventure, I can say he did not. He did get a slow and short walk immediately afterwards. He’s only run up to 4 miles and 15 would do the poor puppy in, especially after his peanut butter doggie biscuit parfait fest on Friday!

He did get to go on a 3 mile run this morning! Can you tell how excited he was about it?

Do we get to go for a run? Let’s go! Let’s go! Stop taking pictures of me and let’s get running!

I think he was also excited that I finally got a picture of my first pair of finished socks! 

I’ve also cast on for my second pair of socks but they aren’t interesting enough to take photos of yet.

Little to no knitting was completed this weekend due to the OUTRAGEOUSLY hot temperatures on Saturday. It was HOT! DAMN HOT! Thank goodness that Sunday was much cooler, allowing me to run my long run, otherwise I’d be thinking about it and not doing it. I ran 2 miles on Saturday and it was too hot. I had to jump in the lake!

Today I leave you with a picture of Julie taunting the pups with treats!

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