Friday, July 09, 2004
Sock Crazy

I've decided that there has been enough slacking around Supergirl's house lately. In order to squelch that procrastination problem I've developed (you know the one -- where you surf knitting blogs, read about knitting, wind up some yarn, read patterns, but just don't actually do any knitting), I have set some high knitting goals for myself.

1) I will finish my second sock this weekend. I am on the heel so it is entirely possible.

Sock as of this weekend posing with finished first sock.

2) I will also finish Elise by the first week of August. I've finished the back -- see!

And now I just need to cast on for the front. I did shorten the back around the neckline and want my knitting teacher to tell me if I did it right or horribly messed it up.

3) Since I have my last Knit to Fit class on Monday, I will start my Debbie Bliss cabled sweater.

4) Finally, I will finish my Weekend Hooded Sweater by mid-September.

All of this is bearing future sparkily items that could distract me from actually knitting!

Oh now that is pretty and so sparkily...
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