Thursday, July 08, 2004
Dogs like to play!

Last night was a great night! I finished a baby hat for a co-worker. It's super cute and pictures are on the way. The hat was made with Mission Falls 1824 cotton in Navy with Burgundy hearts. I love the way it turned out and plan to make more for other friends. It's a quick and simple hat with amazing results.

Also last night, another dog I watch came over to meet Roux. I got great photos of the two of them playing which will be shown on the blog soon. The most amazing part of this is that Zubin isn't very social with other dogs. OK usually he tries to attack them but we took our time introducing Roux and Zubin down the street from the house, then both dogs took turns sniffing the neighbors 9-month old cocker spaniel named Jesse. She is the sweetest pup! I love her! Once that was done, we took them in the yard and once we were settled let them off the leashes to play. And play they did! Poor Roux was tuckered out by the much younger and more entergetic Zubin.

In fact, here is where Roux sat all night after Zubin headed home!

He was so happy! And this morning he was up at 5:30 a.m. wanting to play with Zubin again. Looks like another doggie play date is in the future!
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