Monday, July 19, 2004
Knitting Runner
I've been running a lot the past week. My coach said that I needed to bring my running up to four times a week. While it only meant adding one more day of running, it was a bit harder than I expected. I've also added the challenge of running before work. Now that is a huge success!
Thursday morning I went for a jog around Greenlake with Julie before heading off to work. Partway through the afternoon, I kept thinking, "I have to run after work and it's really hot" or "Must not forget to run!" Then I would remind myself that I had already run and that I didn't need to do it again. Before I could remember that I'd be thinking about how I needed to go for a run.
Another running challenge has been the splints as Racheal calls them. The splints have been trying to take me down. First I tried rest (a few weeks ago), then I tried icing and stretching, now I've decided to move on! I'll still be icing and stretching but I'm not letting the splints stop me from running! I've also switched to some sensible work shoes. Less heels, more flats.
I picked up the new Interweave Knits this weekend and am trying to hold myself back from beginning this!

I have a few UFO's to finish up and a poncho to start! I think tonight will be the cast-on for the poncho though.

Soon these

will become this!

Can't wait to cast on this evening! And because I ran this morning (damn the splints!) I have more time to knit! Morning running is all around a great thing!
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