Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Poncho Beginnings 

As you can see from the poor photo above, I cast on last night for the best poncho ever! So far, I’m having lots of fun knitting this project. Last night as I sat on the porch watching Roux play with his stuffed gorilla, I found this to be ideal summer knitting. My only complaint is that I have to carry around six skeins of yarn when working on this project. Due to this, it is not a portable knitting project. Instead, I’ve been carrying around my cloverleaf socks and since I only have about an inch completed, I do not have photos to show today. Once the pattern begins to show itself more clearly, I’ll get some photos taken to show off my handiwork.
I think Roux is getting used and excited about morning runs. My only issue with this is that today was not a running morning. I have my running group tonight so I run in the evening on Tuesday. Unfortunately Roux doesn't know what day is what and woke me up at 5:30 a.m. all ready for a run. I took him on a short walk but he looked so disappointed when I left work for this morning. He'll have to get some running in this evening! I know he wants it! At least splints aren't keeping Roux down!
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