Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Get Your Knit On!

Last night I knitted and I knitted until my eyes were blurry and The Amazing Race was over. And yet! I still didn't finish the socks. I am on the toes though and just need to decrease the stitches from 28 to 10 and kitchner that toe! I expect to finish these off today. Pictures to come of the one normal sock and the latest one with a red foot due to lack of proper yarn planning.

Tonight is dedicated to watching Lance on the Tour de France and doing some bike training of my own. Roux will be busy playing with Zubin so I hope he's exhausted when I get home.

Until then, here is a photo of me (the blogger) and my blogging co-star, Matya taken by one of my favorite knitters, Mary who also happens to be Matya's Mom. (Hi Mary!)

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