Thursday, July 29, 2004
Last night, Mot and I went to the Bella Fleck and the Flecktones concert at the Woodland Park Zoo Tunes event. It was super fun! While listening to the music, Mot studied and I knitted on Elise. One day, she'll be finished! The front is going a lot better than the back which is quite exciting.

Then when we got back to the house, I saw one of these

in the front yard. Unfortunately it wasn't alive. I quickly ran inside and Mot told me I'd have to take care of it. After watching the TiVo'd Amazing Race, I worked up the courage and asked Mot to come out and help me. I got the pooper scooper and the trash can. And..... I couldn't do it.

Mot was telling me that if I were on the Amazing Race, I'd have to do it and to buck up. She even mentioned that this would be a good blog story! All those things could not sway the fear I had in me. I'm deathly and insanely scared of birds. I'm positive they will peck your eyes out -- alive or dead!

So there we are in the front yard with Mot trying to get me to work up the courage and me holding the pooper scooper and crying. I went in for the scoop and touched the bird with the shovel and screamed and ran away. At this point, Mot announced that I was having a nervous breakdown over a dead bird! I told her that it had West Nile Virus and that we were all going to die. Finally after much begging on my part, Mot did the scoop. I think she felt bad for me. Then I quickly wheeled the evil trash can out to the curb even though garbage isn't picked up until Friday. But it's out there and I'm not touching it again! I may need to buy a new garage can and have them just take the whole thing away.

So after this, I go to take Roux out in the back for his last wee before bed and there is a huge (seriously the size of a rabbit) rat sitting on the fence taunting both of us. Roux so wanted to get it but I decided it was time to go back in and we'd try again in a bit. So 10 minutes later I try again and the rat is still sitting there! I had to throw a rock to get it to leave!

What an evening! I hope this evening is much calmer as I'm planning to meet up with the knitting group at Third Place Books for some biscotti, good conversation and knitting!

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